Who We Are

Our Approach

— Our Mission

The Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community in the Town of Brookhaven seeks to improve cultural understanding, awareness, inclusivity, and visibility. Asian Americans represent a vital and valued part of the culture, society, and economy of the Town. We are committed to promote equality and opportunity for all our community members and increase access to civic, economic, educational, and cultural opportunities.

— Our Vision

  • Advise the Town Board on ways to strengthen ties between this vital community and Town governance.

  • Assist the Town in being an effective liaison and conduct outreach with their communities through information dissemination about public and private programs beneficial to their interests.

  • Assist the Town Board in identifying AANHPI communities’ needs and issues and advise the development of appropriate responses and programs.

  • Empower AANHPI residents in Brookhaven Town.

— Our Story

The board meets the second Tuesday of every month to discuss issues and plan for events.